2015, January to June: Bailiff's Appointments

On behalf of the Grand Prior of England & Wales, the Bailff, H.E. The Chevalier Charles Holloway GCLJ, has been pleased to make the following appointments in the first half of 2015:

26th January - Commander, London & Westminster: Chevalier Damian Edward Riddle KLJ

26th January - Chancellor, London & Westminster: Dame Valerie Marion Hiscock DCLJ

2nd February - Commander, John of Gaunt: Dr Marios Christophi Adamou OLJ

2nd February - Chancellor, John of Gaunt: Brother Darren Joseph Hobson MLJ

10th April - Commander, Aragon: Roger Christian Tommaso D'Elia CLJ

10th April - Chancellor, Edward the Confessor: Michael Dimov MLJ

18th April - Commander, Rose d'Or: Chevalier Jonathan Charles Whitaker KLJ

18th April - Chancellor, Rose d'Or: Dame Lynne Margaret Holloway DCLJ

29th May - Commander, Wales: Dr David Andrew Woolf CLJ

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