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Following The Revd Gareth Powell's promotion to a senior administrative post at Methodist Church House in London, the Chancellor of the Grand Prory, Chevalier Vincent Keaveny KCLJ, has been pleased to appoint Professor Norman Doe OLJ as Commander of the Commandery of Wales.

Norman was admitted to the Order at the investiture at Llandaff Cathedral, Cardiff, in May 2009. Having experienced the hospitality and fellowship of the Order on numerous occasions before investiture, his admission was stimulated in large measure by the dynamism and potential of its ecumenical character, the value of its traditions of spirituality, and the importance of its charitable work to combat leprosy. Over the coming three years, he hopes to serve the commandery through the recruitment of new members (so that it enjoys a presence throughout Wales), the development of its liturgical life (in ecumenical celebrations of the days of obligation, and in exploring the possibility of retreats, pilgrimages and the formation of a rule of life for members in Wales). The promotion of hospitaller activities at home (particularly with regard to palliative care for children) and overseas (in support for institutions which work with leprosy) will be the prime focus of his commandery's charitable work.

Professor Norman Doe is Director of the Centre for Law & Religion at the Law School, Cardiff University.


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