15-08-2012 Kevelaer Leprosy Project

The Grand Hospitaller, Dr Axel Mittelstaedt, writes with the following news about the leprosy project at Bhubaneswar Hospital in India, which was initiated during the Pilgrimage to Kevelaer:

As a key result of the first hospitaller meeting in Kevelaer in May 2012, the leprosy project for the clinic of Dr Rémy Rouselot in India has been successfully brought to fruition.

This joint project was only realized thanks to the prompt and unbureaucratic collaboration of the jurisdictions of England & Wales, Germany, the Hereditary Commandery of Villa Wallendorf and the Hilfswerk Deutscher Zahnärzte HDZ (German Dentist's Relief Organization), and here in particular, Dr Klaus Winter.

This extremely quick response in making available the necessary funds was a most surprising and rewarding experience for me. Moreover, it should also be mentioned that Dr Rémy Rousselot sent the donation receipts very quickly indeed.

My special thanks go out to all of you who have supported this joint hospitaller project.

Dr Axel Mittelstaedt GCLJ GCMLJ
Grand Hospitaller

The photographs below show staff and patients with the sign acknowledging the work of the Order and the jurisdictions whose collective benefactions made it possible to cover the cost of all surgical interventions at the clinic for one year (€10,000).

You may read Dr Rousselot's letter of thanks to the Grand Priory here
                                                 Signs acknowledging the Order's benefactions at Leprosy Clinic

                                                 A patient & member of staff in front of the sign.

                                                 A patient at the Leprosy Clinic.

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