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It has come to our attention that another St Lazarus Organisation has also registered for easyfundraising. When registering please ensure that you type St Lazarus Foundation, and not just St Lazarus, so that your donations support the correct cause.

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We are delighted to announce that the commission raised by our members through our easyfundraising link has now reached the £300 mark. This is a fantastic achievement considering that we have been in the scheme for only twelve months.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with easyfundraising, you can find out more by clicking here. Essentially, though, it is an incredibly simple way of raising funds for our charity every time that you purchase goods on the Internet.

At the end of January we had 37 people registered on our easyfundraising page, but it easy to become forgetful, and we need to remind those 37 to keep using the site for their shopping, and to ask other members to consider registering. There is nothing dodgy or suspicious about this - the retailers are happy to pay a small commission in return for shoppers using their site.

You can now help us without doing any shopping yourself simply by referring other organisations. Surely everybody knows a church, scout group, charitable organisation, etc, which is constantly holding fundraising events. If you refer them to easyfundraising using our unique reference number and they sign up (free of charge), then St Lazarus Foundation will receive 20% of all their commission! (They still receive the full commission). So don't delay, refer today! Click here to find out our reference number.

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Anonymous said:
I used the referall link to refer my local church, and they have signed up and already somebody has used the site so we have received 36p in commission. An impressive way to raise funds - if only more of us would sign up!
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