Annual Report of the Commandery of Aragon, 2014

It is with regret and embarrassment that I must announce the inadvertent omission from the Grand Priory's Newsletter of the Annual Report from the Commandery of Aragon. To go some way towards offseting this error and the disappointment it must cause, I give below the Report as submitted and edited:




In 2014 the Commandery gained the full benefit of being “under new management” as our Secretary, Anne Doak, got her feet firmly under the table, and tackled her duties with gusto and efficiency.  We are grateful to her for all her hard work in organising our events.  

These included the Annual General Meeting on 12th April 2014 at the Salisbury Arms Hotel, Hertford, which was followed by the Annual Dinner, attended by 21 members and guests. The proceedings were enlivened by the Hotel’s inability to get our orders correct, whether for the food or the lubrication which should have accompanied it, but all was eventually sorted out satisfactorily.  

The Annual Service at St Mary’s Church, Hertingfordbury was conducted by The Revd Dr Graham StJohn-Willey AChLJ, since our own Chaplain, The Revd Timothy L’Estrange MMLJ, was unfortunately not able to be present.  It was another very enjoyable occasion, however, and we are pleased that Dr Graham will be joining us in Aragon as a full member. Of particular note is that Confrère Walter Pasifull donated a large sword to the Commandery, and this was used in the procession. We would like to record our very considerable gratitude to Confrère Walter for his generosity.  

After the service 23 members and guests dined at the White Horse Hotel, a most welcome increase on the rather sparse numbers who had managed to attend the year before. It is good to record also that the hotel’s cuisine had been very much improved, and the contrast with previous rather poor meals was marked. A raffle raised a very creditable sum, and resulted in our being able to present a cheque for £750 to DEBRA, a good amount for a small  -  perhaps we would prefer to say select!  -  Commandery.


Chevalier Robert Morrow KCLJ



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