Promotional leaflet

The Executive Council have produced a new promotional leaflet for use by Commanderies and members in promoting the Order to prospective new members.

A supply will be sent to each Commandery, and your feedback on the leaflet would be really helpful so that we can take account of any comments before requisitioning a further supply. You can do this by making a comment below this news item.

15/09/2011 by David Haywood | 3 comment(s), add one.

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Rev. P Louis Baycock said:
Delighted to have such a good defnitive leaflet to give to the many enquirers! All very succinct, and leaves enough unsaid to encurage further qustions. Very much needed and appreciated.
Damian Riddle said:
These are excellent - very concise and attractive. A perfect size to fit in the pocket when you attend an event and thrust into the hand on anyone who asks what organisation you're part of!
Mario Rizzardi said:
Nice paper; clear print. One question: perhaps my lack of computer knowledge, but no idea what the square with black dots is on the back page. Three things to improve upon - 1. The map is too small to be useful and cannot be understood as it has no key. 2. The word "charism". You need to be at least an archbishop to know what this means: no ecclesiastical jargon please. 3. Factual inaccuracy in that there is no mention of local commandery investitures, only the 2 national ones.
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