The order of St Lazarus in England and Wales is made up of 11 broadly geographic Commanderies.  Each has its own officers, responsible to the Grand Prior, the Bailiff and central Executive Council, and organises its own local events as well as supporting the Order nationally and internationally.

To find out more about St Lazarus in your local area, please use the email links below, or contact the secretary [at] (Secretary-General).

aragon [at] (Aragon) (Hertfordshire and parts of East Anglia)

avalon [at] (Avalon) (West Country)

cumbria [at] (Cumbria)

johnofgaunt [at] (John of Gaunt) (Manchester and the North)

kingoffa [at] (King Offa) (Midlands)

london [at] (London & Westminster) (Greater London and the South-East)

marches [at] (The Marches)

mersey [at] (Mersey )(Liverpool area)

rosedor [at] (Rose d’Or )(Hampshire )

sussex [at] (Sussex)

wales [at] (Wales)