The list below shows the principal officers. Those who have registered for the Members' area are able to view the full profiles of the various Officers.

Officers of the Grand Priory of England and Wales

Grand Prior    The Marquis of Lothian
Bailiff    Charles Holloway
Deputy Bailiffs    Bob Morrow, Andrew Zsigmond de Lemheny
Chaplain-General    Col. The Rev'd Fr Ian Evans
Deputy Chaplain-General    Rev'd Louis Baycock
Assistant Chaplain-Generals    Rev'd Chris Fallone, Rev'd Gareth Powell
Chancellor    Norman Hunter Rose
Vice-Chancellor    Alan Culverhouse
Referendary    Bob Morrow
Secretary-General    Gareth Vaughan
Deputy Secretary-General    Valerie Hiscock
Receiver-General    David Wheeler
Deputy Receiver-General    Office vacant
Registrar    Valerie Hiscock
Deputy Registrar    Office vacant
Hospitaller    Professor Leslie FIndley
Deputy Hospitallers    Dr Heather Payne, Dr Michael Waters
Almoner    Rev'd Victor Bullock
Sub-Almoner    Office vacant
Justiciar    HH Judge Timothy Pontius
Herald    Office vacant
Custodian of Insignia    Cdr Charles Aspinell
Deputy Custodian of Insignia    Elaine Screeton
Juge d'Armes    Stephen Lane
Archivist    Fred Rapsey
Genealogist    Leslie Grout
Legacy Officer    Roger Hirst
Marshal    Peter Salt
Deputy Marshals    Tim Pontius, Damian Riddle
Webmaster    David Haywood
Website editor    Gareth Vaughan























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