Charitable payments made during 2012

Generally speaking, donations from the St Lazarus Foundation come from Commanderies who decide which charities to support. The St Lazarus Charitable Trust makes grants each year to specific charitable projects. The Avalon Charitable Trust, which predates the St Lazarus Foundation, makes grants independently of the other two bodies.

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Name of charity St Lazarus 
     St Lazarus 
Charitable Trust
Charitable Trust
  Direct from
LEPRA  1,500       500     
Leprosy Mission 9,000   6,500        
DebRA 3.500            
Promise Nepal 1,500   2,000        
R V Mission, Barrackpore 1.500            
John Bradburne Memorial Society  500            
The Ethiopa Link  1,000            
St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital  500            
Hospital St Louis Jerusalem 500            
Regional Hospices 478           400
Help for Heroes 700           250
Katie Piper Foundation 1,500            
Grand Hospitaller appeal 1,910            
Patriarch appeal 1,000            
HCPT - the Pilgrimage Trust 300            
Medical electives     1,000        
Malwara Village Water Project     13,100        
Old Jeshwang Health Centre      5,000        
Rufiji Leprosy project     5,000        
Shelter Box          400    
Rainbow Project (Romania)          500    
Chernobyl Children's Lifeline          400    
St Lazarus Foundation          400    
St Lazarus Charitable Trust             5,275
Manna House, Kendal             300
Cancer Care - Cumbria             230
Mary's Meals (Wales)             500
St Iltud's Church. Llantrithyd             115
TOTALS  £25,388    £32,600    £2,200   £1,545


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