A donation in memory is a very special way to remember a loved one, as it helps us to continue to provide vital contributions towards those suffering from leprosy and other skin diseases.

Many people choose to remember a loved one by making a donation to charity, or by asking for donations as an alternative to sending flowers to a funeral. It can be comforting to know that a gift given in memory of your loved one can help us in our work.

Donations can be sent to us either by a relative or by the funeral director. You could, for example, arrange with the funeral director for a donation to be sent instead of flowers and they will forward this to us.

When you make a donation, we will send you a personal letter to thank you for your gift. If you ask us to, we will also send a personal letter to the next of kin of the person remembered, showing the total amount given.

You can also choose to make donations in memory at other times, for example on a special anniversary you would like to remember.

If the person you wish to remember had a previous connection with the Order of St Lazarus, please let us know. We are always interested in the special contribution that someone has made to our work.

For further information on how to make your donation, and where to send it, please leave us a brief note on our contact form.

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