easyfundraising and easysearch are such simple and effective ways to raise funds, we’re sure you’ll want torefer spread the word. So why not tell other organisations about them and raise even more with their fantastic Referral Programme!

Introduce them to other organisations and we will be paid a 'lifetime' revenue share of 20% of whatever they raise, for as long as they use the service. Don’t worry - this won’t affect their fundraising total as easyfundraising pay the extra funds to our organisation as a thank you. So, if you refer another organisation that raises £500 through easyfundraising, they will receive £500 but our organisation will
also receive £100 - just for referring them!

To refer a new organisation all you need to do is ask them to use our unique referral link when they sign-up to easyfundraising. When they use this link to register, the system recognises this and automatically associates them to us. There’s no limit to the amount of new organisations you can refer. We have produced a standard sheet which you can simply print and hand on to them, which can be downloaded by clicking here.

Our unique referral link is:





Some organisations may wish for anonymity when making referrals, so please note that the referral homepage looks exactly the same as the normal easyfundraising homepage. However, please be assured that as long as your referral link is used when the organisation you have referred registers with easyfundraising, we will automatically be rewarded for their sales.

Please only contact people you know or with whom you have a common interest and do not send unsolicited emails. This is not what the service is intended for and if you do so there is a risk of our account being closed.


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