History and Objectives of the Trust
The St Lazarus Charitable Trust was established under a trust deed on 1 March 1983 and registered with the Charity Commission no: 286918. The objects of the trust are:

...the relief of poverty and sickness, the relief of the disabled and the advancement of the Christian religion, and in particular: relief of persons suffering from leprosy; relief of the aged; relief of victims of disaster and war; and the advancement of the Christian Faith.

Grants are made to such institutions and authorities and in a manner as the trustees think fit.

Management and Governance

David Powell KCLJ (Chairman)

Keith Edwards OMLJ
The Revd Fr John Eldridge SChLJ
Laurent Deckers CLJ
Roger Hirst KLJ
David Knox OLJ
John Reid KLJ

Grants Secretary:
Gareth Vaughan KCLJ

Jonathan Prichard KCLJ

Clerk to the trustees:

Val Hiscock DCLJ

Consultants to the trustees:
Dr Michael F.R. Waters OBE, KCLJ, GCMLJ, MA, MB, BChir., FRCP, FRCPath. (Former Hospitaller, Grand Priory of England & Wales)
Dr Leslie Findley TD, KLJ (Hospitaller, Grand Priory of England & Wales)
The Revd Fr Victor Bullock ChLJ (Almoner, Grand Priory of England & Wales)

Trustees are initially elected for a term of three years. They can then be re-elected for a further three-year term, but after a period of six years as a trustee they must retire.

Procedures and Policy for Grant making
Applications must be in writing and sent to:

The Grants Secretary
The St Lazarus Charitable Trust
2, The Glove Factory
BA22 8SL

The trustees receive advice from their consultants.
Grants are usually made in October/November each year, but in cases of emergency and disasters grants are made at the appropriate time.

Download a Grant Application Form here

The trustees maintain a policy of supporting some projects for a period of a few years in order to help them become firmly established.

Gifts and donations from Commanderies and members of the Order are extremely welcome, and regular giving by members of the Order is strongly encouraged, as are legacies.

Download and print a Standing Order mandate here 

Download and print a Gift Aid Declaration here

From time to time, the trustees receive donations to be invested in the endowment fund, which they intend to grow as and when they are able.

Why do we still need to raise money for Leprosy? Hasn't the disease been conquered? To see the answers to these questions read Dr Waters' address to the Annual Chapter of the Grand Priory of England & Wales at Norwich in October, 2009, HERE

Achievement and Performance of the Trust



To see the Annual Report of the Trust at 31st December 2014 please click HERE



To see the Annual Report of the Trust at 31st December 2013 please click HERE



To see the Annual Report of the Trust at 31st December 2012 please click HERE



During the year ended 31 December 2011 the trust distributed £49, 417, with a future commotment of £10,000:

RUFIJI Leprosy Trust: £5,000 (2nd of three annual payments) representing funding for Rufiji village, Tanzania

Old Jeshwang Health Centre: £5,000 (1st of two payments)
Work with mothers and children in marginalised areas in the Gambia

LEPRA Health in Action: £10,000 to cover the cost of Human Resources at the Munger Referral Centre in Bihar state, India

Catholic Agency For Overseas Development CAFOD: £7,500 to assist their partner Annai Illam in providing training and support to a team of local volunteers offering counselling to war-affected women, men and children in the troubled Killinochchi and Mullaitivu Districts of Sri Lanka

St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital, Gaza Clinic: £5,000, for work within the dispersed Palestinian community

The Leprosy Mission: £5,000 for work at Naini Hospital in Uttar Pradesh, North India, one of the largest regional leprosy referral centres in the area

Inter-Health: This organization is a Christian medical charity providing support for the health and well-being of missionaries and NGO workers globally. £4,500 to engage in a facilitated consultation and training project with Country Leaders and Senior Management Teams of The Leprosy Mission’s Africa programmes, to examine member care across these countries

Centre for Legal Aid, Assistance & Settlement (CLAAS): £2,000 to aid this organization’s work in strategic opposition to the persecution of Christians in Pakistan

St George’s Baghdad: £2,500 towards the staffing of the new consultation room at St George’s Medical Clinic, Baghdad

Promise Nepal: £1,700 (payment from restricted funds) for work in the Kathmandu hospital with people affected by leprosy

HM Armed Forces Chaplaincies: £275 (one payment) supporting injured British military pilgrims to Lourdes

A small grant of £250 (from restricted funds) was also made to RUFIJI Leprosy Trust for a specific project

To see the Financial Statement of the Trust at 31st December 2011 please click HERE



During the year ended 31 December 2010 the trust distributed £26,300, with a future commitment of £20,000:

Rufiji Leprosy Trust: £15,000 to be spread over 3 years for further work within the leprosy community especially with elderly retired sufferers

Old Jeshwang Health Centre: future commitment £10,000 spread over 2 years for work in a Health Centre in the Gambia working with women and children in marginalised areas, mainly Muslim, though the organisation is Christian. The project aims at improving the conditions of mothers and children and reducing infant mortality.

St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital, Gaza Clinic: £5,000, for work within the dispersed Palestinian community

The Viyidal Trust: £2,500 for work among women leprosy sufferers living on a rubbish dump in India. The grant will pay for 2 years’ assistance on a regular basis by a doctor experienced in leprosy treatment.

Promise Nepal: £1,700 to Promise Nepal for work in their leprosy hospital

Balkan Aid Relief Foundation: £800 to fund the final trip to take much needed medical and other goods to Bosnia

HM Armed Forces Chaplaincies: £500 towards the expenses of taking British soldiers disabled in current conflicts to the Shrine of Our Lady at Lourdes

The Rt Revd Dr Eric Kemp Memorial: £250 towards the refurbishment of the Shrine of St Richard in Chichester Cathedral, in memory of the late bishop

Two small grants totalling £130 to community organisations based in Gibraltar

To see the Financial Statement of the Trust at 31st December 2010 please click HERE



During the year ended 31 December 2009 the trust distributed £39,850:

LEPRA – St Joseph’s Medical Center, Madhya Pradesh - £9,000
A grant representing approximately 50% of the costs of building a new ward at St Joseph’s Leprosy Center, dealing mainly with reconstructive surgery, in Khargone District, Madhya Pradesh, one of the poorest and most remote districts of the Indian sub-continent.

The Leprosy Mission – Anandaban Hospital, Kathmandu - £15,600
A grant to fund entirely TLM’s project for the Anandaban Hospital, Kathmandu, providing a doctor’s salary, together with drugs, disability supplies, other medical supplies, reconstructive surgery, and beds and clothing for 90 people, plus health education, in this remote part of Nepal.

Rosminian Fathers, Tanzania - £5,000
Appeal submitted by Chevalier Anthony Jeremy KLJ. A grant towards the cost of building two houses for lepers in Tanzania under the aegis of the Rosminian Fathers – together with a request that plaques be placed on the houses so funded, acknowledging the aid from the Trust.

Lepra India Trust - £5,000
Appeal submitted by David Wheeler CLJ. Lepra India Trust specialises in helping with vocational training and rehabilitation for those who suffer from the social stigma attached to leprosy in many parts of India, which can make it extremely difficult for them to find work or be accepted into society.

St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital - £2,000

Spafford Children’s Center - £2,000 [restricted grant]

Sarvashubhamkara - £750
Appeal submitted by Chevalier Jonathan Prichard KLJ. A small Sussex based charity that cares for leprosy sufferers in India through various projects in the northern state of Uttarakhand.

St George’s Church, Baghdad - £500
Appeal submitted on behalf of Canon Andrew White, by Simon McIlwaine CLJ (Grand Bailiwick). A grant to help restore St George’s Church, Clinic, School and Community Centre, Baghdad, after recent bomb damage.

[In addition, a number of other charities nominated by Commanderies or individuals received grants through the trust, not included in the total given above.]

To see the Financial Statement of the Trust at 31st December 2009 please click HERE

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