Report of the Trustees for the year ended 31 December 2013

During the year ended 31 December 2013 the trust distributed £74,125 and committed a further £80,000: - £60,000 a year for two years to The Leprosy Mission for work in Bankura and £10,000 for The Rainbow Children’s Home, plus a further grant of £10,000 to The St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital.

The following grants were made in 2013:-

             RUFIJI Leprosy Trust                                                      £5,000 (3rd of three annual grants)

             Rufiji village, Tanzania

             The Leprosy Mission                                                     £10,000 (2nd of three annual grants)

             Support for Rainbow Children’s Home

The Leprosy Mission                                                     £30,000 (1st of three annual grants)

Work in Bankura West Bengal with elderly people affected by leprosy

EMMS International                                                       £11,500 (single 1st year grant)

             Establishment of funding medical elective programme

Welfare Association                                                      £7,000 (single grant)

             Contribution to children’s disability services in north Gaza

St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital                           £6,500 (one of two grants)

             Support to operating theatres giving access from Gaza and the West Bank

Ethiopia Link                                                                     £3,000 (single grant)

             Support to the Gerji children’s orphanage, Addis Ababa

Tsunami Relief                                                                 £1,000 (single grant)

             Work in Indonesia following the 2000 tsunami

a small grant to LEPRA of £125


* * * * * * * * * *


The major matter considered by the trustees during the year was the proposal to amalgamate the Trust with the St Lazarus Foundation with which close relationships had been established since the harmonisation of the two jurisdictions.  The Trustees formally commissioned work to be undertaken for the establishment of a new charity into which the funds of the Trust would be transferred. 

In conjunction with the St Lazarus Foundation support to both the Rainbow Children’s Home and Bankura in West Bengal was confirmed through The Leprosy Mission for the next two years.  In addition both sets of trustees wished to concentrate efforts on identifying and working with medical students seeking to spend their elective periods in developing countries.  The Trust established a link with EMMS International with the intention to continue grants for a number of years once an appropriate scheme was established.

Last year the Trust received a legacy from the Grand Priory’s former Hospitaller, Dame Dr Ruth Bowden. During 2013 some £43,374.33 was received.  Dame Ruth wished that the legacy be used to support work primarily in the emerging countries of Eastern Europe, though she allowed the trustees to use their own discretion when making grants.

In addition the Trust received a very generous commitment from a single donor of £25,000 per year for up to five years. 

Once again the trustees are extremely grateful for gifts and donations from Commanderies and members of the Order.  Regular giving by members of the Order is strongly encouraged.

Future Plans

The commitment to both The Rainbow Children’s Home and a project in Bankura West Bengal working with elderly people affected by leprosy will form the central theme of fundraising for members of the Order.  In addition, the establishment of a scheme for medical electives will give opportunities for Commanderies to make links with specific students and projects.

Further consideration will be given to the charitable projects identified by the Grand Hospitaller of the Order associated with the Holy Land.  The trustees will continue to look carefully at how best the Trust can play a part in such initiatives when details are known.

David Wheeler KLJ

Chairman, the St Lazarus Charitable Trust


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