Edward, the penultimate Anglo-Saxon king of England, was known as 'the Confessor' because of his deep piety.

Edward was the son of Ethelred II 'the Unready' and Emma, the daughter of Richard I of Normandy and was among the last Anglo-Saxon kings of England, and usually considered the last king of  the House of Wessex, ruling from 1042 to 1066.   

Deeply religious, Edward was responsible for building Westminster Abbey (in the Norman style) and he was buried there after his death in on 4 January 1066.

About a century later, in 1161, Pope Alexander III canonised the late king.  Saint Edward was one of England's national saints until King Edward III adopted Saint George as the national patron saint c. 1350. His feast day is 13 October, celebrated by both the Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales.

The Commandery, which was re-formed under The Rev'd Alan Rogers in 1997 after a period of inactivity, was based around St Edmundsbury in Norfolk.

The Commandery relocated to Bedfordshire in 2014 and the Annual Service is now held in St Andrew's Church, Biggleswade on the last Saturday in September, conducted by the Commandery Chaplain, The Revd Canon Victor Bullock ChLJ.

The service is followed by a banquet in St Andrew’s rooms which are just across the road from the Church.

The present commander is Chevalier Michael Doak KLJ.


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