In conjunction with Civil Aid, we are now running a fleet of seven ambulances, all bearing the insignia of The Military & Hospitaller Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem, three front line Emergency, three Multi-role units and one  4 X 4 unit. We have done hundreds of hours of first aid duties with local Galas and Shows, Horse Jumping, Cross Country Runs, Athletics, 3 day Events, National Sheep Dog Trials, Four-day events and Steam Rallies.

We also undertake hundreds of hours teaching first aid, from two-hour courses to 'First Aid at Work' three-day courses (reduced from four days in line with the latest H.S.E. protocol).


Mercia Commandery's fleet of ambulances

Our members come from as far apart as Scotland in the north to areas south of London. The Commander and the Chancellor have been unable to attend as many investitures as they would have liked as both have suffered health problems throughout the year. However, we now hope things have settled down and that they will be able to visit other commanderies for events next year. It is with sadness and regret that we have to report the death of one of our members, Mr George Preston CLJ. MMLJ, who died after a long illness.

As with other voluntary organizations  we are finding it more difficult to recruit new members and keep them, along with ever rising cost of fuel and repairs to keep the ambulances in a road-worthy condition appropriate for emergency vehicles. The credit crunch has not helped either.

We hope to welcome you to our annual investiture on 17th July 2010 at St Francis' Church, Mackworth, Derby at 11:00am.

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