The Commandery was founded in 1988 on the instructions of the then Grand Prior, The Rt Hon. Sir Bernard Braine KStJ KCSG GCLJ GCMLJ DL MP, by Dr Andrew Zsigmond de Lemheny, who had been admitted into the Order that same year. Dr Zsigmond is now Commander Emeritus of Mersey and holds the rank of Knight Commander.

Charitable activities began immediately, in support of both jurisdictional projects and local ones. The Commandery flourished, many new members contributing greatly to its fundraising activities by providing venues and substantial donations. Spiritual activities were led by The Revd John Williams MBE of Liverpool Parish Church, who remains the Commandery Chaplain. Growth was rapid during the period when His Grace, the Duke of Westminster was Grand Prior (1995-2001). From 2001 members attended events at the local Grand Bailiwick Commandery of John of Gaunt, cementing relationships with brothers and sisters in the (then) Malta Obedience.

Dr Zsigmond's personal initiative, to build the Church of St Laszlo in Transylvania was much helped by Mersey Commandery members.

At the 11th Commandery AGM in 2003, Dr Zsigmond handed over the leadership to Chev. Aaron Kiely KHS KLJ, until his defection to the Orleans Obedience led by SAR Prince Charles-Philippe d'Orleans.

He was succeeded by Chev. Szabolcs Losy KLJ who is the current Commander.

The Commandery's largest fundraising event to date took place in 2009 at the magnificent home of new members David and Angela Braithwaite (both OLJ), where several thousand pounds were raised. Membership remains buoyant, six new members being admitted in 2008 and two more at the Grand Priory Investiture at Llandaff Cathedral in 2009.

The Mersey Commandery proudly hosted Investitures in 2003 at Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral (RC) and in 2008 at Liverpool Parish Church (Anglican).

Future events include a spring cocktail party, following the Annual Commandery Service and Meeting 2010, to be hosted by Bernard and Loretta Hearn (both OLJ) - date TBA - and a BBQ at Dr & Mrs Zsigmond de Lemheny's house (date TBA).


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