The Commandery of Rose d’Or was originally formed with a slightly unusual approach. At that time it was very convenient for it to consist of certain senior officers who had an international role and for others outside the usual sphere of Commandery activity to be among its members. The membership was drawn from all parts of England & Wales and even overseas.

Although extremely useful at the time it did have the disadvantage that members would often be transferred to other Commanderies causing the Commandery strength to be frequently reduced.

For many years The Bailiff of the Grand Bailiwick has also undertaken the duties of Commander of the Commandery.

In more recent times the reasons for this approach have diminished and the Commandery of Rose d’Or is gradually moving towards a more normal type of Commandery. Its main source of members is now concentrated on Hampshire through to Buckinghamshire and nearby areas.

Currently its Annual Services and Investitures are usually held in Aldershot but many of its social events are held in other parts of its area.


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