Prior to the formation of the Sussex Commandery our members belonged to the Wealden Commandery. Over the years the number of members who lived in Sussex grew. After consultation the members agreed that a request should be made to The Order to form a new Commandery in Sussex.

On 2 January 1999 a proclamation was made by the then Grand Prior, the Duke of Westminster OBE TD DL GCLJ, instructing the Bailiff to issue the Proclamation establishing the Sussex Commandery and appointing Philip Stroud OBE OLJ DL as Commander. A celebratory Dinner was held on 2 January 1999 which was attended by members and guests including Major General Sir Philip Ward, Lord Lieutenant of Sussex.

Following the death of Philip Stroud in 2002 Jonathan Prichard KLJ was appointed Commander. He continues to lead the Commandery in its Charitable Aims.

Charitable Aims
In accordance with the Charitable Aims of The Order the Commandery currently supports the following:

(a)  Leprosy – this is a curable disease and funds are needed to purchase medication and run treatment centres. People with leprosy are some of the most destitute and abandoned people in the world. Disfigured by the disease and rejected by their families, they are often shut out and left to meet their fate alone. Money is also needed to reconstruct limbs and to help sufferers return to employment and become reintegrated into their local communities.

(b)  The Hospice Movement – the Commandery offers both financial and ‘hands-on’ support to the seven hospices in Sussex, one of which is for children.

Since the formation of the Commandery members have supported some major projects. These include the provision of medical equipment and toys to a children’s orthopaedic hospital in Poland. Some of the equipment was transported by a lorry driven by young members of the Commandery. It has also supported ‘The Balkan Aid Relief Foundation’ which was a Land Rover based British registered charity, led by one of our members, whose function was to deliver humanitarian aid to the former Yugoslavian Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina. The Commandery collected items for the charity to take to orphanages, hospitals and medical clinics and also offered financial support.

Each member is asked to participate actively, according to their ability, in the Hospitaller work for the sick, the disabled, the elderly, the dying and all who are in need. This involves giving of services, funds, supplying medicines, equipment, clothing and other necessities required by those in need.

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