The Commandery was consecrated in September, 2002 at.St.Laurence Church in Ludlow, in the County of Shropshire, under the guidance of the Commander, Chevalier James Turner.
Its members are drawn mainly from the counties of Shropshire, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire, South Wales and surrounding areas
The annual church service and investiture is held in Ludlow on the first Saturday in September, which is followed by a buffet supper, with a raffle.
Unfortunately the Commandery lost its founding Receiver-General, Douglas Agg, in 2009, after he had steered its finances to good effect, and contributions have been made to many local charitable organisations, as well as to the Lazarus Foundation .
The Commandery continues to grow, and it has been fortunate in having the services of experienced Lazarus members, such as Jim Turner and George Gardner.
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