In 1988, under the former Grand Prior of England & Wales, Sir Bernard Braine, later Baron Braine of Wheatley PC, the London Commandery was reconstituted with Dr Kate Burton West as Commander. Her medical background enabled the Commandery to fulfil its charitable objectives by obtaining medical equipment and supplies for Eastern Europe.

The foundation of her hospitaller work was built upon and brought to fruition a decade later in 1998 with the appointment of Chevalier Norman Seale as Commander. It was he who structured the London Commandery, as we know it today.

The Commandery subsequently benefited from the appointment of His Grace, the Duke of Westminster as Grand Prior and from the able leadership of Professor Dame Ruth Bowden as one of the two Grand Priory Hospitallers. Dame Ruth's location in London enabled the London Commandery to garner substantial support and generate many tens of thousands of pounds in aid to various countries.

Norman Searle's successors, including Colonel Geoffrey Miller, Vincent Keaveny and the present Commander, Andrew Blackshaw, have all continued the charitable work of the Commandery, which includes support for local charities as well as the Order's traditional focus on the relief of leprosy.

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