Commandery of King Offa - Royal Oak Apple Day celebrations

The Commandery of King Offa celebrated Oak Apple Day on Saturday 2nd June 2018 at the ancient Parish Church of St Mary Magdalene in Sutton in Ashfield, Nottinghamshire. 

The celebrations to mark the restoration of King Charles II in 1660 commenced with a Concert of Music and Songs performed in Church by Mr Tony Wade MMLJ. He played many musical instruments, from trumpet to bowed psaltery, and enthralled everyone present with his carefully selected programme of music associated with the Restoration.

The Restoration Banquet held in the Magdalene Centre of Fine English Cheeses, scrumptious Pork Pies and a selection of delicious Breads and Pickles, was most certainly enjoyed by all.

King Charles II and Mistress Nell Gwynn (played by John and Sue Simpson) made a special guest appearance to the pleasure of all present.

A formal procession was then formed by Members of the Order, distinguished guests and friends to escort the Oak Branch to the Church Tower. The Commander, Chevalier Mario Rizzardi KLJ, Ashfield District Council Vice-Chairman Councillor Tony Brewer and Patricia Percival his escort, Newark and Sherwood District Council Chairman Councillor Keith Walker and Joan Whicher his escort were all part of the procession.

At the Church Tower, the Oak Branch was hoisted in ancient tradition to mark the restoration of the Merry Monarch who hid up an Oak Tree, followed by Evensong in Church using a Traditional Service based upon that which would have been used in 1660.  Senior Chaplain, The Revd John Burgess SChLJ led the Service and was assisted by Chaplain, The Revd Kevin Charles ChLJ.

A splendid afternoon which was enjoyed by all present which raised important funds for Leprosy Charities.

Confrere John Bullock  CLJ, BMLJ, PSLJ


Commandery of King Offa