The Grand Prior's World Leprosy Day appeal 2024

The World Leprosy Day 2024 appeal of the St Lazarus Charitable Trust has been launched by the Grand Prior, the Most Hon. the Marquis of Lothian GCLJ.

He writes:

Sunday 28th January 2024 is World Leprosy Day. For members of our Order, committed to the care and treatment of those suffering from the dreadful disease of leprosy, this is a day of great significance when we can make a very real contribution towards the alleviation of leprosy. It is to that end The St Lazarus Charitable Trust has agreed with me that the Grand Prior's World Leprosy Day Project for 2024 (WLD24) will be to support The Leprosy Mission of England & Wales with a project in Batticaloa on the East Coast of Sri Lanka. Our aim is to try to raise £15,000 across the Grand Priory 

This appeal will be active from Sunday 28th January and until Low Sunday (7th April) 2024. As WLD24 runs throughout the holy season of Lent, I would like to encourage individual members of the Grand Priory please to consider making this appeal part of your Lenten almsgiving.

Full details of the appeal and how to donate may be found in the Grand Prior's letter here.