The COVID-19 Pandemic

Throughout February, members of the Order will join in prayer with other Christians around the country at 6 p.m. each day, following the pattern of Prayer for the Nation.

Although it is, sadly, impossible for local Commanderies to undertake their usual programme of social, religious and charitble activities during the period of the pandemic, it has been most encouraging to see how they have responded to the challenges which this difficult time has imposed on us all.

You can read the most recent reports from our Commanders here.


A prayer from the Ecclesiastical Grand Prior, + Michele Pennisi

Father of infinite mercy, lover of life, in the uncertainty of this time, full of darkness, and in this moment of concern and anguish for the spread of the virus in many countries of the world, we turn to you with the trust of your children. Never before have we felt so clearly that we belong to a single human family, despite the fear of contagion affecting our social relationships, and the pursuit of individual interest at the expense of the common good.